Zbox is an orginal idea for a foldable container proposed by Navlandis Logistics Technologies.

Zbox is the result of this original idea that came from a need to provide a solution to the transport of freight containers given that the goods fill most of the space and the need to reduce both transport costs and CO2 emissions into the environment.

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Savings in the lifecycle NPV 2000€/year per container

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Operation costs


Storage Space


C02 Emissions

Zbox offers a competitive advantage

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Folding costs

+easier to fold


Production costs

+cheaper to produce


Tare weight

+efficient to operate

Why did Navlandis decide to work on the Zbox idea, the most effective folding container?

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Currently, there is a high percentage of constantly empty containers. (25%)

This suggests an abusive occupation of land. The idea of the Zbox can reduce the average period in which containers are in depot to 50%.

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Zbox allows 5 containers to fit in the same space as one standard one.

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