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We have successfully closed the first test phase with the trips that our Zbox containers have completed after a positive result in their respective inspection.

The entire team involved in achieving what we have accomplished so far have played an essential role so that we can say that every step taken during the whole process has not been easy but it has been really worth it.

This is clearly an encouraging and motivating result to continue, since an innovation process involves many stages prior to a result like the one we are experiencing now. Reaching the point of being able to guarantee a product such as our containers requires a high demand of physical, time and monetary resources.

The travel

The manufactured containers have been traveling since last September, in this article we detail the entire route taken. Several road trips have also been made, accumulating more than 3,000km. 

These containers have made trips in groups of 6 containers, with a Zbox unfolded and loaded with 20Tn, and a package of 5 folded Zboxes. Some routes were also completed with Zboxes unfolded empty.

Arrival of containers

The inspection of cargo containers is a safety procedure that is carried out to verify the physical integrity of their structure, this must be done in part in the vulnerable places or susceptible to have suffered a restructuring during their handling and travel.

A transport container in poor condition can cause unforeseen losses and it is essential at this stage to test our Zbox containers in different situations to check every detail.

At the end of the trips, all the containers returned to the Port of Valencia, where Navlandis technicians inspected them one by one and carried out folding, unfolding, stacking and unstacking tests.

No differences were observed between the condition of the containers on their departure and on their return. 

The inspection has been performed by checking, for example:

  • External damage
  • Deformations
  • Folding and unfolding process
  • Internal damage
  • Condition of the elements, among others.

Some slight damage has been observed in one of the containers, although all containers have been able to be fully folded and unfolded, demonstrating the robustness of the Zbox folding system.


«This milestone is a turning point for the company. There has been a lot of time and dedication in the development phase, in preparation for this moment, which opens a completely new stage. Thus, we have taken the opportunity to update our corporate identity, as a result of considering how we want to be and where we want to go as a company. In this way, we are consolidating Navlandis as a business project and Zbox as a product, in order to move forward».

Miguel Navalon, CEO of Navlandis

What’s next?

The next step will be to continue expanding Zbox’s presence in new maritime and land routes.

Having already gained confidence in the performance of the containers, the process of preparing the Zboxes for shipment on rail journeys begins, after they have already been approved for use in this kind of transport.

It is expected that before the end of 2021 they will also complete a rail route. 

At the same time we continue with manufacturing, next year the second industrial series will be completed, expanding the available Zbox container fleet. 

At Navlandis we continue working to generate global solutions that benefit the entire logistics chain.

Learn more about our team and aspirations:

Camila Hurtado

Coordinadora de proyectos subvencionados y de marketing en Navlandis.

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