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Navlandis Zbox Container

The Valencian company Navlandis will present its 20-foot folding sea container in the Port of Valencia in October, a novelty that aims to revolutionize the sea transport of goods.

The 20-foot container from Navlandis has the same resistance as any container in use, with the advantage that when folded it occupies a fifth part of the initial space, allowing empty containers to be transported with significant space and cost savings.

At the moment it is estimated that there is a world park of maritime transport containers of 40 million units (TEU’s), and that in 2014 the shipping companies bought 5 million new containers, a market in which Navlandis seeks its position.

The CEO of Navlandis, Miguel Navalón, has ensured that the collapsible container that they will launch on the market «will have the same resistance as a conventional one, and will be able to be manipulated with the machinery that any merchandise port has, and with the minimum human resources, to make competitive the operational costs «, adding that the world container market» is estimated at about 12 trillion dollars a year «.

The Navlandis prototype will be released in October in the Port of Valencia. After a meeting with the President of the Port Authority, Aurelio Martínez, he was interested in the product and offered all the collaboration of the Port of Valencia. Thus, Valencia will see the presentation of this folding container, with the aim of presenting it from November 15 to 17 at Intermodal Europe 2016, the largest logistics and transport fair in Europe that is held in Rotterdam (Netherlands).

For Aurelio Martínez, “the collapsible container developed by Navlandis is a good example of how Valencian R&D works and how the activity generated by the port of Valencia contributes to the development of the close business network. We see Navlandis’ proposal as an innovative solution focused on solving a market need that could have a significant impact on the logistics costs of maritime trade. Therefore, we are delighted that this solution is presented and projected internationally from the Port Authority of Valencia”.
The Navlandis prototype container is already under construction, and different shipping companies have shown interest in seeing the final 20-foot product, which will be followed in a second phase by the 40-foot and 40-foot high cube.

Navlandis plans to open a financing round in which different entrepreneurs and business angels from the Valencian Community have reserved participation, such as Marcos J. Lacruz, who also acts as advisor to the company.

Marcos J. Lacruz has stated that both investors and institutions «have a moral obligation to retain talent in the Valencian Community, companies and projects like Navlandis are very attractive to other European regions, and we must know how to identify and take advantage of R&D that we have».

Navlandis not only has the support of investors and business angels, but also the support of IVACE. It is a company matured in its startup stage in the Climate-KIC Accelerator led by AVAESEN, where it won the Venture Competition in 2015, the competition national startup for climate change, and also the contest ‘Ecopreneurs for the Climate 2015’. This year they have won the award for the most innovative startup of the ‘Elevator Pitch Accelerator Competition’ at Forinvest 2016.