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A container implementation with applied innovation is not only limited to the fact that its manufacture works as proposed. For a container to be part of the transport logistics chain, different certifications and permits are required in order to comply with international transport standardization.

Our Zbox has just obtained two more certifications, the certification under the customs agreement and the obtaining of our BIC code, technically it becomes our folding container with the highest aspiration in the sector.

Customs Agreement Certificate

The TIR Convention (Transport International Routier) is a transport convention, an international customs transit system for goods, which aims to facilitate international transit through simplified customs transit procedures and a system of international guarantees.

The TIR was created by the UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) in order to expedite the transport of goods between different countries. It establishes the necessary standards that a cargo must meet in order not to be inspected at the customs offices through which it must pass, from the time it leaves its country of origin until it arrives in the country of destination.

After several months of work to learn about the application process, due to the limitations in cases that have been obtained in Spain, we were able to access the procedure and carry out the respective tests prior to obtaining the certificate.

This is how our Zbox container got the «approved under Custom Seal» to be considered as transport equipment for the international transport of goods under the TIR convention.

Last May our Zbox passed the necessary reviews and tests by the customs department of the Ministry of Finance in order to validate our Zbox shipping container and obtain the appropriate certification.

To pass the tests, our Zbox 20′ container had to pass the visual inspection of the customs technicians, as well as go through the container scanner located in the facilities of the Port of Valencia.

Approval of the BIC code for our Zbox container

In maritime transport, all containers transiting international waters must be registered. Containers are identified by an 11-digit alphanumeric combination. The first three letters identify the owner and are assigned to the companies by the BIC (Bureau of International Containers).

The coding system is made up of several codes that provide, among other details, the country of origin of the container, the owner and the type of container.

These marks provide vital information for all the agents in the supply chain, which helps to monitor and secure the container and therefore its cargo, from dispatch to delivery at destination.

At Navlandis we have obtained from the Bureau International of Containers (BIC) the ZBXU code as container owner, to be able to operate with our Zbox containers.

If you want to know more about the Zbox, do not hesitate to contact us.

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