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First Zbox units ready

As we mentioned in our previous article, a logistics innovation process requires certain complex processes in design, planning, testing, external resources, recalculations and a series of other activities that end up translating into economic investment, time and a lot of energy used.

navlandis innovation

Since Navlandis started the execution of the initial Zbox prototype, a path of different stages has been followed, starting with uncertainty, a situation that, as expected, requires confidence in the process of research and analysis of the created solution. Followed by a variety of situations that have tested teamwork, communication and compliance with each plan.

The realization of what was at the time just an idea, which is not exactly the easiest, also taking into account the sector in which it is immersed, makes this achievement a really important milestone. And so does the whole team that has been working non-stop.

Continuing our focus on the tangible, and feeling all the pride of what it has meant to get to this point, we can now say that we have our first Zbox units manufactured, checked, certified and ready to embark on their first foray to sea.

As we mentioned earlier, one of the important variables is external resources, specifically in manufacturing. The parts used to assemble the containers are provided by an ally, and in May of this year, we received them to assemble the first units.

The start-up was not long in coming and we are still in the process. We have also been finding solutions for each fortuitous limitation and thanks to the excellent workmanship of our team, the first units have been successfully completed.

What’s coming next

Now it’s non-stop, with all the parts ready in our warehouse, we are assembling the next units.

We expect to finish according to the latest planning, optimizing time and physical resources that we have been improving in recent weeks. By taking advantage of more space in our warehouse, we have a larger surface area to increase performance in the assembly of the last units.

We will soon announce the complete final result and its upcoming start-up. Stay tuned!!

zbox whitepaper

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