R&D Project

The Program of Creation of Companies of Technological Base promoted by IVACE and the European Funds has financed the current project.

The project has consisted in the development of the first prototype of the folding container- Zbox.

In order to advance the manufacturing of the prototype, detailed engineering work necessary for definition and structural validation of the prototype has been carried out throughout the project.

The Navlandis team has participated in the project, and has been assisted by industrial mechanical engineers, with the participation of ICITEC, from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, which has been in charge of carrying out the structural resistance tests, and the company Metalcudia, which has been the metalworking company in charge of manufacturing the different phases of the prototype.


The Navlandis team has developed the prototype in 3 phases:


Connections between the different parte of the container are made. On one side the connection of the twist knot and on the other side the connection of the slipknot.

Proyecto I+D Zbox Navlandis
Proyecto I+D Zbox Navlandis


Solution for the front side of the container. This is the main side in which the structural solution of the container is integrated, and where our technology houses the folding mechanisms. This design and test phase has a main objective- the verification of resistance against compression that the stacking of containers in their vertical structure causes, as indicated by the regulations, as well as a verification of the folding mechanism at a flat level.

Proyecto I+D Zbox Navlandis


Container complete. In this phase the complete container has been constructed.

Proyecto I+D Zbox Navlandis