Who we are

Navlandis is the result of an idea of a group of engineers that dreams of enhancing its personal development, while combining it with the search for a positive social and environmental impact with an economic benefit.

A commitment to sustainable transport

Navlandis is a clear example of an entrepreneurial initiative that has been advancing step-by-step through the I+D+i path. An Innovative idea, plus a practical Development, plus an important Investigation period, has resulted in the Zbox. The best version of a folding container.

 “We must banish the idea that sustainability is at odds with the profitability; on the contrary, if we are sustainable, we all win.”

Miguel Navalón, CEO. Inventor, MSc Civil Eng. MBA

Navlandis emerges with a commitment; innovation in the logistics sector with the objective to reduce operation costs and environmental impact.

Miguel A. Navalón Simón

MEng Civil Engineering. MBA. PMP®


Gloria Arnandis

COO. MSc Civil Eng. MBA

Andrés Revert

CTO. Ing. Diseño Industrial